Sungardens Hospice Rose

On the 16th of March 2012 the Sungardens Hospice rose was christened by Ludwig Taschner, rose pioneer extraordinaire at a special ceremony held at Ludwig’s Rose Farm in celebration of Sungardens Hospice’s 25th anniversary.

This powerful shrub will happily grow to 2 x 2m, perfect as a free standing specimen on its own or in mixed beddings, or to be grown in large containers.

Classical, elegantly shaped hybrid tea blooms are enhanced by a blend of golden-yellow-orange maturing to shades of pink – parading themselves perpetually.

The changing colours of this beautiful rose are representative of the changing phases of our lives” or as one patients  family member put it….”like the sunrise and sunset of our lives”

Purchase and plant a Sungardens Hospice Rose to commemorate a loved one and support us in Sharing The Care.

R3.00 per rose sold is donated to Sungardens Hospice.

Plant Height: Above Head Height

Colours: Golden ,Orange , Pink , Multi coloured

Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Ludwig’s Roses

Lynnwood Road, Pretoria

Safari Nursery

Lynnwood Road, Pretoria

Plant Paradise

Rubenstein Road, Moreleta Park, Pretoria

The Garden Shop

Cnr 13th & MacKenzie Road, Menlo Park, Pretoria

National Lotteries Commision

MBT Petroleum

Sungardens Hospice, proudly powered by MBT, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria

Our Shops

Our shops form an integral part of our fundraising effort. The income generated from these sales enables us to provide professional care to persons who are terminally ill and is responsible for almost 50% of our total income of the year.

We attract all types of customers. Some love a bargain, others might not have a large clothing budget and then there are those regulars, seeking vintage items.

Do you have have any second hand clothing, books, wool, material or other household goods that you no longer have a use for? Most of the children`s clothing is not sold, but passed on to our younger patients.

Thank you to all who have given so generously to us and to those who support our shops regularly!

Sungardens Hospice Candles

4 Beautiful new Sungardens Hospice Candle designs:

Each candle holder is 8cm wide by 10.5cm high, the candle itself is 7.5 x 7.5cm and fits snugly in its holder. These candles are vanilla scented and changes colour continuously as it burns.

Whether you wish to remember a loved one or decorate your house,  purchasing of these candles aid us in continuing to care for our patients and their families.

You can purchase these candles directly from our reception or the IPU. It is R120.00 for a candle.

For further enquiries and to place orders please contact us at 012 348 1934.


Boost Your Business by Partnering with a Non Profit Organization

Is your business looking for new and creative ways to gain publicity and build your customer base? Partnering with non profit organizations may benefit your business in many ways.

Why business owners and managers should consider supporting non profits as part of their marketing strategy:

  • Advertising opportunities are usually offered when non-profit organizations request corporate sponsorship. Types of advertising may include a business card size ad in a program, a sign at an event, or your business name mentioned in radio or TV ads.
  • Partnering with non profits increases public relations and a general feeling of goodwill toward your company.
  • Participating in the planning of non profit events, attending an event, or volunteering your time increases your opportunities to meet potential customers.
  • Finally, there are tax breaks for donating money to a charitable cause. Check with your accountant for more details.
  • There are many ways that business owners can partner with non profit organizations in order to reach more potential customers.
Volunteering your time to help a non profit cause will give you an opportunity to develop relationships with non profit leaders and volunteers. You can work on volunteer committees, planning events, or even just stuffing envelopes.

Volunteer Your Time

Donating Merchandise

Many non profit groups hold live and silent auctions or need door prizes for their events. This is an opportunity for you to show potential clients your merchandise or sample your services. This strategy works well for many types of businesses. Here are some examples:

A photographer donates a gift certificate AND loans the NPO a large scale portrait from their portfolio. Even if someone does not win the gift certificate, they may be impressed with your style of photography and call to set up an appointment anyway!

Restaurants have an easy way out on this one! Donate a gift certificate to the non profit organization. The receiver gets to sample your food, service and atmosphere. Who knows, you may have just gained a customer for life!

Donating a financial gift to a charity of your choice may have advertising and tax benefits as discussed earlier. Attending Non Profit Events Charities host a variety of fun events such as arts festivals, dinners, galas, casino nights and auctions. Participating in a charity fundraiser or or other events will give you an easy way to donate financially to the NPO. Events also provide time to build relationships with other businesses, people and potential clients, in a fun and relaxed environment.

Financial Donation

Donating Facilities

Does your company have a gym, banquet facility or auditorium? By donating or offering a reduced rate to non profit organizations, you may receive great public relations and word of mouth advertising benefits in return. Finally, partnering with non profit organizations gives your business a way to reach out to the local community. Your business can contribute to the greater good and help many people, just by joining forces with charitable organizations.

“In terms of Code 700 of the BEE scorecard, companies are required to spend 1% of NPAT on socia-economic development, initiatives that facilitate sustainable economic inclusion for previously disadvantaged beneficiaries, 75% of whom must be black. One of the most visible impacts of regulation is that the spectrum of giving has broadened, both in terms of the numbers of companies allocating a percentage of their profits to social causes, but also in terms of the expanded nature of giving. Increasingly companies are investing in their surrounding and stakeholder communities, while more companies are finding creative ways to leverage their products and services to make a social contribution. On balance, this has translated into more expansive corporate social investment programmes and increased social spending.” The CSI Handbook – 2010

Opportunities are available to Companies to assist Sungardens & Mamelodi Hospices in this way and benefit in the ways mentioned.

Contact our Fundraising and project Manager Manager – Paul Kirby at for more information in this regard.

Club 2000

This is a plea for you to please support our monthly endeavour, The Club 2000. It is a means of generating funds to help those in need of Palliative care.

To join Club 2000 we require a monthly contribution of R50.00 over a twelve month period, either via debit order, credit card or a once off payment of R600. The more numbers you purchase, the greater your chance of winning!

Each member receives a “Lucky Number” which is entered into the monthly competition. The draw takes place on the last Tuesday of each month and is broadcasted on Radio Rippel. The winner is also notified telephonically. The results are also published in the Pretoria News, Record and Eastern Times newspapers and appears on our website.

The prize structure is as follows:

1st Prize: R 10 000 2nd Prize R 2 000 3rd Prize R 1 000 4 Consolation Prizes of R500 each

The results are verified by auditors

Should you or any members of your family be interested in joining Club 2000, please feel free to contact Rozanne at (012) 348-1934

Our bank details are as follows: ABSA Bank Woodhill Branch code: 33 64 45 Account number: 3490 147 828 (Please fax deposit slip to 012 348 2730)

List Reference as: W2000_name and surname i.e. W2000_Jack Smith

Winners of the AUGUST 2018 lucky draw

R10 000 – Mr JC VAN ROOYEN

R2 000 –  Mr A DE WINNAAR 

R1 000 – Mr  F VAN WYK


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