You and the future

We all have plan for the future – for the rest of our lives. But a surprising number of people don`t think further than that. Have you considered what will happen to your family and friends after you are gone? What will become of your possessions? It is your right and your responsibility to decide – by ensuring you have a valid will.

What happens if you don`t have a will?

If you don`t leave a will, your estate will be divided up according to state laws. This is a lengthy process, during which urgently needed funds may be tied up, placing additional worry and hardship on your family.
Your estate will also attract the maximum estate duty. Precious items may have to be sold and the money distributed – not necessarily according to your wishes. Even if you have made these wishes clear verbally, they cannot be enforced without a valid will.

Why leave a bequest to charity?

Charitable bequests have been included in wills for centuries. They are a way of keeping your ideals, your compassion and your vision alive for years, even generations, to come.
A bequest offers you the opportunity to make a really worthwhile gift, to perpetuate you name or that of a loved one.
Particularly if your children are grown up and self-sufficient, you may find tremendous satisfaction in using your will to help make the world a better place and to touch the lives of people in need.

What is the best kind of bequest?

The type of bequest you chose will vary according to individual circumstances. Here are some options you may want to consider:

  1. a specific sum of money.
  2. a percentage of your estate.
  3. all or part of the residue of your estate.
  4. life assurance policies.

Can you change an existing will to include a bequest to charity?

Adding a codicil to change an existing will is a simple matter. But don`t try to alter the Will yourself – you may invalidate the entire document. Consult an expert, who will ensure the codicil is properly worded and witnessed.

How would Hospice use my bequest?

When you leave a legacy to hospice care, you provide vital funds to care for patients in their final illness. Your gift will provide practical help, relief from pain, emotional support and spiritual comfort at a time when it is needed most.
If you wish, your gift could have an even greater impact – perhaps providing new hospice facilities in places not yet covered by our existing service, providing bursaries to train more nursing sisters in palliative care, or providing employment for hospice staff nurses or social workers.

If you are considering a bequest to Hospice, please to discuss the options. We would appreciate the chance to say a discreet thank you, and to plan with you a fitting tribute to your generosity