Mamelodi Hospice is a non-profit organisation, established in 1994 and a satelite of Sungardens Hospice. Mamelodi Hospice was started in response to the urgent need to provide a program of specialised home based palliative care to patients with a life threatening illness and support to their families.

Mamelodi Hospice provides this care and support to persons in the last phases of incurable disease, making sure that their lives remain as meaningful and comfortable as possible.

At any one time we have between 220 and 250 patients to take care of, many of whom are in their final stages of HIV/Aids. We therefor have the added concern of taking care of the children and these families, some of whom are also diagnosed with HIV/Aids. Many children are orphaned at an early age and stay under the care of grandparents and relatives, many of whom are unemployed.

Our patients and their families need to be fed, schooled and entertained. Funds permitting, Hospice distributes food to these families and outings are arranged through networking with other organisations during the year.

We run a daycare program once a week. Patients who are able to function normally, take part. They receive a medical check-up and a good meal and spend the rest of the day socialising with other patients.

No patients are shown away because of their inability to pay. Services are free of charge. In cases where the medical aid is not exhausted, the relevant institution will be approached. Patients are normally referred to us by their doctor, hospital or family member.

Mamelodi Hospice affirms life and recognises dying as a normal process. We neither hasten nor postpone death, but exist in the belief that with proper care and the promotion of a caring community, patients and families will be free to attain a satisfactoy degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death.

Mamelodi Hospice provides this service to the growing number of patients who are referred to our organisation, free of charge.

Mamelodi Hospice Contact Details

 Phone Number:

010 446 3814

Mamelodi office address:

SOS Children’s Villages

21310 Sibande Avenue

Mamelodi East


With HIV/Aids still prevalent, our integrated programme of home and community based care is becoming more and more essential to the well-being of the community in Mamelodi. Mamelodi Hospice works closely with other charities, churches, schools and communities to achieve these goals and objectives.


Over and above our normal call of duty as a Hospice, our further goal is to nurture, mother and care for the children and youth by implementing programmes and projects that will encourage children and youth from impoverished backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives.